April 2016
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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Red Hill Water Feature - A Restored & Renovated Community Amenity

The last week of January, construction began for the Red Hill water feature modernization/restoration project. The Red Hill Water Feature was re-opened with a community celebration held on April 2, 2016.

The draining and cleaning of the water feature provided the first opportunity in about 20 years to fully inspect the foundation of the water feature and the over 25 year old pumps and equipment. Upon identifying options for more efficient use of the water, retrofitting for recycled water use and sustainable energy use, the construction project was put out to bid. In December, the City Council awarded the contract for the renovation of this community amenity to be funded from the General Fund Capital Reserves.

Key features of the renovation will include:

During the cleaning, over 400 tons of sludge was removed. In addition, many items were found under the water's surface including skateboards, cell phones, fire extinguisher, bicycle, signs and more. You may recall many fish and turtles were removed by a biologist, one carp weighed in at over 20 lbs. It's important to note: the water feature was never intended to support wildlife and unfortunately, over the years, became a place to discard animals. Birds are migratory animals and will continue to visit our park space environment. Residents are encouraged to help protect our restored community amenity and contact the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care Center for assistance with adoption of pets to a new home.

We thank you for your support and patience as we looked for the most efficient way to renovate and reduce operating costs of this iconic city amenity. Residents can learn more about the history of the project by visiting http://bit.ly/RedHillLakeRenovation.