May 2016
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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Kitten Nursery Gives Furry Friends a Fighting Chance

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The Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center is preparing to open its seasonal kitten nursery in May. The nursery's staff is dedicated to helping abandoned kittens live full, healthy lives.

Two special residents from last season's nursery are Jessie and James, who arrived at the Animal Center at the end of September. They were just 3 weeks old and barely knew how to eat on their own, but the caring nursery staff helped them become strong, healthy kittens. As they grew bigger it became clear that they were both born with a congenital condition called eyelid agenesis, which means they were born without a complete and normal upper eyelid to prevent the hair around their eyes from rubbing the eyeball.

The Veterinarians at the Animal Center partnered with Dr. Sara Calvarese, a Veterinary Ophthalmologist at Eyecare for Animals, to evaluate their eyelids and determine treatment options. With the help of generous donations, Dr. Calvarese performed cryosurgery to freeze the hair follicles around the abnormal eyelid. The process prevents the hairs from growing back, keeping their lids comfortable. All that remains is a slight cosmetic abnormality. Jessie and James are now happy, pain free, and living in their new forever homes!