June 2016
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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Summertime and the Great Outdoors

Tips for a fun & safe summer

California is famous for its warm climate and active residents, and Rancho Cucamonga is no exception. In fact, part of what makes living here particularly wonderful is that the beautiful weather is perfect for our wide array of outdoor activities. Whether you bike, hike, or walk, the City has plenty of trails and pathways to explore. Get outside this summer for some fun and relaxation. Check out all the great classes, outings, and recreational opportunities available to keep you and your family HealthyRC!

Hike in the Foothills
The foothills above Rancho Cucamonga offer picturesque hiking areas like the Etiwanda Preserve. If you decide to plan a trek, make sure to go prepared with sturdy shoes, weather appropriate layers, and sunscreen and drinking water to help you beat the heat. Remember to leave the land as you found it and take all plastic water bottles and trash home with you. Make sure to stick to designated trails. Wandering off established paths can be dangerous, and in some cases it's considered trespassing. As a reminder, the area commonly known as "Sapphire Falls" remains closed by the U.S. Forest Service and trespassers are subject to a hefty fine.

Cool Off in the Pool
A swimming pool can be a perfect way to cool off or get some great exercise on a hot summer day. For all of the fun they offer, it is important not to overlook the dangers pools present to small children or adults swimming alone. Just remember, safe swimming is as easy as A, B, C:

Grill Up a Tasty Meal
A homemade meal grilled on the BBQ in the sunshine tastes like summer. But if your grill master isn't careful, it can spell disaster. Like any piece of open flame or heating equipment, your grill presents the risk of fire so make sure to take precautions. Carefully place your BBQ away from your home and deck railings, and out from under eaves. Designate a 3-foot area around the grill as a kid- or pet-free zone. When grilling with charcoal, cool the coals completely with water before discarding them. If you live in an apartment, check the latest Fire Code restrictions for complexes on the Fire District website at www.RCFire.org.