April 2017
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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Go Green with Spring Cleaning Tips

Put Safety First When Tackling Cleaning Projects This Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year to clear out clutter. Before you toss anything, please think about the environment. Take a moment to check and see if the items you are cleaning out need special disposal. Here are some disposal options that should make your spring cleaning easy:

Say Goodbye to Bulky Items: The Bulky Item Pick-up Program can help you properly dispose of large items, like that worn-out couch, that can't be reused and are too big for your trash barrel. Rancho Cucamonga residents who have residential barrel service through Burrtec Waste Industries are eligible for four free bulky item pick-ups per calendar year. Examples of bulky items include furniture, appliances, rimless tires, and televisions. Vehicle parts, construction materials, or hazardous waste are not eligible. Many stores also offer free removal of old appliances and furniture with delivery of new ones, so be sure to ask.

Say Hello Again to Your Spring Yard: Put your green waste to work once you finish clearing your yard. Burrtec makes sure green waste is never actually wasted by recycling it into compost. Place grass clippings, brush, prunings, leaves, twigs, weeds, livestock manure, and small branches (less than six inches in diameter) in your green waste barrel. Excess seasonal green waste can also be bundled and placed beside your regular green waste barrel for pick-up at no additional charge. Tie prunings into bundles no larger than 18 inches in diameter and four feet long. Residents can take advantage of this service up to two times per year at no additional charge. If you consistently have more green waste than can be stored in your barrel, call Burrtec Waste Industries to request an additional green waste barrel for a nominal monthly fee.

For more information and to schedule a pickup, call Burrtec Waste Industries at (909) 987-3717.