May 2017
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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Fire Department Launches ReadyRC Pets Campaign

Attention pet parents! Are your furry friends a part of your family emergency plan? Do you have the necessary food, water, and other pet supplies to provide for them should a disaster strike? The Fire District started asking these questions when they launched the ReadyRC Pets campaign, an initiative to prepare pets and their humans for a disaster, last fall.

The Fire District partnered with the RC Animal Care & Services Department to introduce ReadyRC Pets to Rancho Cucamonga Middle School (RCMS) students at an afterschool assembly attended by almost 150 youth. The presentation focused on the importance of pet preparedness and students were empowered to take a lead role in preparing their families for a disaster, starting with their pets. Those students without pets were not left out, though, as they were encouraged to create emergency pet supply kits for homeless pets at the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter.

Students received pet emergency kit checklists to help guide their preparation efforts. Students participated in the project also earned incentives like goodie bags filled with pet preparedness tips and giveaway items. Participating students also completed a small writing assignment about their pet preparation efforts and were entered into a raffle drawing for prizes such as gift cards from Google Play and Target, as well as "lunch with the Principal." Special thanks our partners, the RC Animal Care & Services Department and U-Furia, for sponsoring the giveaways.

The purpose of the project is to start the emergency preparation conversation among tweens and their families. Students were inspired to take action and get ready for a disaster. Empowering pet parents to get actively involved in their pets' protection is far more effective than simply providing emergency kits.

If you are you inspired to take action and get your family and pets ReadyRC, visit the National Fire Protection Association at to explore a wealth of pet preparedness videos and resources. Share your pet preparedness story with us on social media and help our whole community get #ReadyRC!