July 2017
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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RC Residents Show Health Improvements as a Result of Healthy RC

Healthy is the New Happy in Rancho Cucamonga, Thanks to Healthy RC

evaluation plan

Rancho Cucamonga residents are enjoying healthier meals, activities, and lifestyles, thanks in large part to the Healthy RC program.

Healthy RC has been a successful City-community partnership since 2008, receiving national recognition for its work improving community health. The program is known for its leadership, innovation, and best practices. Healthy RC takes a broad approach to improving health by focusing on the eight community health priorities identified by Rancho Cucamonga residents.

The Rancho Cucamonga community is well aware that things are different today than they were eight years ago when the Healthy RC initiative launched. There are countless stories of families enjoying park spaces and trails for physical activity, the benefits of the farmers' markets in helping families access fresh produce, sidewalks and safety improvements for children walking or biking to school, and new educational resources for families.

"What makes Healthy RC so special is they cover everyone from little children, to teens, to (those) with special needs, to our seniors, and you can just find something for everybody."
Melissa Mata, RC Business Owner

"In order for the whole city to thrive there should be equal amenities for all."
RC Resident

"Health should be #1 for the City and community in everything we do."
Sunrise Rotary Club Member

Healthy RC embarked on a 15-month Evaluation Plan to specifically assess how Healthy RC has impacted the community. Since Healthy RC's inception in 2008-09, rates have trended downward in childhood obesity (13%), overweight students (7-12%), heart disease (20%), diabetes (14%), and cancer (21%). Community health survey results further indicate that Rancho Cucamonga residents are making lifestyle changes that support positive trends in health outcomes, and that a large proportion of residents are participating in Healthy RC sponsored Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) activities. Additionally, the results of this survey found that the majority of respondents stated that Rancho Cucamonga is a safe place to live (82%) and raise children (91%), and that half of respondents were active in the community and a majority (74%) felt connected to their community.

It is wonderful to see the health improvements of our community since 2008, but there is still work to be done. If you are interested in getting involved with Healthy RC, please visit www.HealthyRC.com or call (909) 477-2700.