September 2017
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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Rancho Cucamonga Joins National What Works Cities Initiative

Data is driving the future and Rancho Cucamonga is getting a front row seat.

RC What Works

Rancho Cucamonga was selected to participate in the Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities (WWC) nationwide initiative - one of the largest philanthropic efforts to enhance the use of data in public sector decision-making.

Through this partnership, Rancho Cucamonga is receiving technical assistance from world-class experts in building skillsets and systems that address local issues. The City's project will focus on developing a process for collecting and analyzing data to help measure performance and aid in decision-making. The initial focus will be within the city parks, with a goal to expand this practice citywide.

Participating What Works cities leverage support from a consortium of expert partners to identify more effective ways to evaluate programs and improve performance, maximize resources to serve their communities, and address a range of social challenges from public safety to affordable housing. Another key benefit is the initiative's growing national network of local leaders and global experts who actively share best practices for outcomes-focused government. The array of leading organizations assembled by Bloomberg Philanthropies includes the Behavioral Insights Team, the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, the Government Performance Lab at the Harvard Kennedy School, Results for America, and the Sunlight Foundation.

Through the What Works Cities initiative Rancho Cucamonga is working with the Johns Hopkins Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) to establish and improve data collection and performance management practices. This work will set, track, and share progress toward priority goals, strengthen accountability, and achieve better results. Project staff are focusing initially on the City's parks by setting key performance goals and collecting and analyzing data to ensure the City is making the right investments and operating as efficiently as possible within these areas. The ultimate goal is to develop a system for using data to drive decision-making and monitor performance that can be replicated citywide. To find out more about Bloomberg Philanthropies, please visit and