April 2018
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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Cooking-related Fires are on the Rise

In the last six months, Rancho Cucamonga Firefighters have responded to an increase in cooking-related emergencies. Whether it be burnt food on the stove or a small fire in the oven, the fires have been kept small and the damage minimal. But there have been a lot of "near misses." The fires certainly could have grown into something much more destructive had the cooking been left unattended longer or lack of working smoke alarms alerting the residents.

Firefighters share the following safety tips to avoid a fire from cooking or barbecuing:

If you do experience a cooking fire, first and foremost remain calm. Turn off the stove, oven or grill if it is safe to do so. Cover pots with a lid to contain and snuff out the fire; don't carry them as that will only make the situation worse. Oftentimes, pouring water on the pan will spread the fire as well - especially in the case of grease fires.

Follow this advice and firefighters won't be crashing your dinner party or backyard barbecue. You can find more safety tips on our website at www.RCFire.org or follow us on social media.