June 2018
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Open Budget Dashboard to Promote Local Government Transparency

A brand new tool brings City budget information directly to you.


In order to improve the transparency of the City's budget and financial information, and promote public trust, the Finance Department and Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) recently implemented Socrata's Open Budget Dashboard. This Dashboard creates an interactive environment that allows visitors on the City website to easily explore the operating budget - which is comprised of the City General Fund, Library Fund, and Fire District Operational Funds. Rather than flipping through pages of reports, the dashboard enables citizens to:

The Dashboard includes data for the current year's adopted budget, as well as the prior two years' adopted budgets, amended budgets, and actual revenues and expenditures. The data hierarchy flows from the fund level down to the account level, with departmental level summaries in between. The available data will be updated periodically after the annual adoption of the City's budget and at conclusion of the annual financial audit.

Data can be shared through social media, and it can be exported to spreadsheet software for data analysis. Overall, the City hopes that the Dashboard will provide our citizens with a user-friendly environment to review the City's budgetary and financial information on a more detailed-level than ever before. Depending on the usage of the application, the non-operating budget for the City, which includes the Capital Improvement Program budget, may be added at a future date. Questions regarding the Dashboard can be directed to the City's Finance Department at (909) 774-2430. View the dashboard at http://budget.cityofrc.us