August 2018
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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New Food Hall Promises Foodie Haven

Satisfy your cravings for cuisine and community growth, all in one place.

Food Haven

Rancho Cucamonga residents and nearby businesses are eager for the completion of a new food hall called Haven City Market (HCM). This exciting new dining project is currently under construction at the northeast corner of Haven Avenue and Arrow Route. The current vacant, outdated 80,000 square-foot building previously occupied by JCPenney furniture outlet is getting a modern, rustic, industrial architectural update. Upon completion, HCM will feature more than 30 craft style eateries and specialty retail shops with a roughly 20,000 square-foot outdoor garden area. The fresh concept promises to provide a new destination for millennials, foodies, and families throughout the Inland Empire.

"We are curating our tenant list to provide as many different and unique cuisines as possible," said HCM Marketing and Leasing Director, Grace Chung. "With a quality lineup of tenants, we are also excited to host many community events in our 20,000 square-foot outdoor park and garden. Eventually, we also plan to be a destination to host private events where there would be a plethora of restaurants to choose from as a catering option." HCM also provided a peek at their tenant list, which will include Native Son Alehouse (craft beer pub), Belly & Snout (Filipino fusion), It's Boba Time (Boba tea and drinks), Shrimp Shack (Cajun seafood), The Sizzlin' Place (Japanese sizzling pepper steak), Fala Bar (Vegan), Honeymee (true milk ice cream with honeycomb), and Popbar (sorbet and gelato). Other eateries and shops will serve burgers, craft sandwiches, coffee, southern BBQ, breakfast sandwiches, and Mexican cuisine.

This project illustrates the City's interest in reviving a commercial industrial space to create an innovative retail outlet with a sense of place while expanding the City's employment and tax base. It is also expected to create other opportunities for the shopping center and generate more pedestrian traffic. HCM is only a "stone's throw" from City Hall and hundreds of Rancho Cucamonga residences and businesses. Be on the lookout for the first phase to be up and running as early as Fall 2018.