February 2019
Mt. San Antonio from Rancho Cucamonga
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Solar Power and Electrical Safety Awareness Class

Learn to harness the power of the sun with safety and confidence.

Volunteer Solar Install Rancho Cucamonga

Collaboration between Ready RC and Healthy RC brings a high-energy, no-cost Solar Power and Electrical Safety Awareness Class to the residents of Rancho Cucamonga. Have you ever been concerned about the power of electricity and its unknowns? How about the potential safety issues of the fast-evolving world of solar power? We all deal with electricity in our daily lives, but you may be surprised at how often we are exposed to solar power.

This class utilizes a first-responder style of instruction that has been modified for the general public. This class features an interactive setting where volunteers are put in scenarios and asked how they would respond. Their responses help instructors guide them toward reaching the safest course of action.

One community resident, Steve Dee, stated, Even with my years of general experience with electrical safety, I left the course with a wealth of knowledge that I now implement in my day-to-day interactions with both solar and electrical power. I highly recommend any resident to take this free course. The live demonstrations and detailed discussions provided me with a complete understanding of the dangers while also increasing my comfort levels interacting with both solar and electrical power.

The course will provide videos and demonstrations on the basics of electricity, as well as detailed discussions on the protective Faraday cage, the explosive arch flash and blast and the very dangerous down power lines, to name a few. The goal is to make all residents aware of as many electrical and solar hazards as possible. The greater the awareness, the more lives we can save! Visit RCFD.eventbrite.com to register for this free event and join us on Saturday, March 16th.

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