August 2019
Military Memorial in Racho Cucamonga
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#ReadyRC – A Culture of Preparedness

Take an active role in keeping Rancho Cucamonga safe and prepared.

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Whether you are a lifetime Rancho Cucamonga resident or new to the area, calling this city home is a point of pride. It also requires balancing beautiful weather, recreational and professional opportunities, and a necessary level of preparedness. Successful response and recovery efforts in emergency situations require us to establish and promote a culture of preparedness.

Purchasing and maintaining a home emergency kit, creating defensible space around your property, keeping trails and pathways clear of weeds and brush, and having a household evacuation plan are common residential preparedness practices. Communitywide preparedness goes beyond emergency kits to developing informed, engaged, and steadfast residents that are resilient in the face of outside threats. These community traits ultimately lead to successful response and recovery.

The area is vulnerable to a diverse range of emergencies such as wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, wind events, mudslides and more. The Rancho Cucamonga Fire District is committed to empowering you, your family, and your neighbors with resources and tools that protect and prepare you for these circumstances. We can all work together as a community to protect life and property in an emergency.

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The Fire District offers many ways to stay informed and prepared through the ReadyRC program, including the ReadyRC Academy scheduled for this fall. This series of classes provides important information on how to protect your home, family, and neighbors during an emergency. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Business Emergency Resiliency Training (BERT) are also offered annually to better prepare neighborhoods and businesses. We also offer on-site presentations for community groups, schools, workplaces, and churches.

Our goal is to offer resources and knowledge to as many people as possible, so our #RCCommUNITY can remain strong and vibrant. We are all in this together when an emergency arises. Creating awareness, increasing our home preparedness, and strengthening our neighborhoods will help us become as resilient as possible.

For more information about available classes and educational resources, visit our website at or call (909) 477-2770. To stay connected with us during an emergency event, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.